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Life in the NICU

I never imagined I would have a baby that needed to be in the NICU.  I thought that was something that happened to "other people."  Suddenly, there I was, learning to navigate what felt like an entirely different world! 

The first few days Cedar was in the NICU, I was still a patient in the hospital.  This made it easy to go see her whenever I could. The NICU nurses would call down to my room when they thought she might be willing to breastfeed, and I would get wheeled down there, sometimes in the middle of the night.  It was definitely difficult to feel like I was recovering when I was getting little sleep, but I was happy to do what I could to help transition her to all oral feeding.  This was one of the requirements for her to leave the NICU.  She would also have to be weaned off oxygen, which took a few days.  I knew we could go home with oxygen if we needed to, but I REALLY did not want to do that. 

Daniel was supposed to take that first week off of work, but when we …
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Cedar Jane's Birth Story, by Daniel

Here is the story of Cedar's birth, from Daniel's point of view...

"Cedar was born Thursday, June 7th, 2018. We picked it because it was easy to remember 6-7-2018… and because 7 is lucky. We were anxious for her birth because of everything she had already been through and we wanted to see how she's doing after fetal surgery. We were also very excited because she's our only girl and our last. I already felt like she was a part of our family and it was now her time for her birth… which was not the beginning of her life like most people associate with their children (even as I did with Riley and Miles). Since it was scheduled, there was no drama and we simply got ready that morning (had bags packed from the night before) and we left for the U of U hospital. We checked in. The C-section was scheduled for 9:30. Camee’s nurse was Casey/Kasey who was very nice and professional despite the funky blood bath IV. In addition to me, Lori, Kim, and Kristy were all present. I rec…

Cedar Jane's Birth Story, by Camee

Well, here it is.  Cedar's birth was already not how I would have planned it.  Many of you know that my other two boys were born at a birth center with some awesome midwives, unmedicated.  I obviously knew from the day of her diagnosis that Cedar's birth would be very different.  I was clearly OK with however we needed to get her safely into the world, but I had to mourn the loss of the kind of birth I wanted to have.

Despite this, I was looking forward to my c-section date with extreme excitement and anticipation.  The night before, Daniel and I headed to the University of Utah hospital to get some night-before lab work done.  The nurse almost felt my wrath as she pushed the needle in and out attempting to find my vein...and still failed. The bruising on my arm is still ridiculous. After that pleasant experience, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for my "last meal."  I wasn't allowed to eat after midnight. 

The waitress was legit impressed with how much I ate.  Clear…