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Miles' Birth Story

Here is your typical example of second child syndrome—it has taken me over 3 months to write up Miles’ birth story.I feel terrible about this (hello mom guilt!), but I guess better late than never!
As with Riley’s birth, I was anxious for Miles to be born on time or early because every day he was late would mean one less day before I would have to return to work.My return to work date was set, regardless of when the baby was born.Little did I know this baby would be born right on his due date—July 30, 2015!
I first started having regular contractions on Saturday, July 25.Yup, that’s right…5 days earlier.They were coming about every 8-10 minutes starting in the early afternoon and continuing until evening.I was SO EXCITED! This was it!And he was coming a few days EARLY!My excitement quickly died out, however, when evening came and the contractions completely stopped.Out of nowhere.I anxiously waited all night for them to come back, but nothing happened.A whole lot of nothing contin…