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Oh Yea...We're Pregnant

So...big life change!  If you know me at all or follow me on facebook or follow me on instagram, then you definitely know by now that we are PREGNANT!

Many people have been "waiting" for us to get pregnant for a while since we live in Utah and have been married a whopping 3.5 years (the ladies at my church thought I was infertile...).  Well, luckily infertility was not the issue we just wanted to wait until the time seemed right.  We wanted to make sure our marriage was strong before we brought kids into the picture.  Having a baby during the summer seemed like the best option since I'm a teacher, so luckily on our third month of trying--success.  The baby is due July 24 as of now.  In two weeks I'm having my big 20-week ultrasound where they measure the baby and everything so we'll see then how accurate the date is.  Also, if you haven't heard...

Let me tell you how shocked I was.  I COMPLETELY thought it was a girl.  I didn't want a girl more than a bo…