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Cedar Jane's Birth Story, by Daniel

Here is the story of Cedar's birth, from Daniel's point of view...

"Cedar was born Thursday, June 7th, 2018. We picked it because it was easy to remember 6-7-2018… and because 7 is lucky. We were anxious for her birth because of everything she had already been through and we wanted to see how she's doing after fetal surgery. We were also very excited because she's our only girl and our last. I already felt like she was a part of our family and it was now her time for her birth… which was not the beginning of her life like most people associate with their children (even as I did with Riley and Miles). Since it was scheduled, there was no drama and we simply got ready that morning (had bags packed from the night before) and we left for the U of U hospital. We checked in. The C-section was scheduled for 9:30. Camee’s nurse was Casey/Kasey who was very nice and professional despite the funky blood bath IV. In addition to me, Lori, Kim, and Kristy were all present. I rec…

Cedar Jane's Birth Story, by Camee

Well, here it is.  Cedar's birth was already not how I would have planned it.  Many of you know that my other two boys were born at a birth center with some awesome midwives, unmedicated.  I obviously knew from the day of her diagnosis that Cedar's birth would be very different.  I was clearly OK with however we needed to get her safely into the world, but I had to mourn the loss of the kind of birth I wanted to have.

Despite this, I was looking forward to my c-section date with extreme excitement and anticipation.  The night before, Daniel and I headed to the University of Utah hospital to get some night-before lab work done.  The nurse almost felt my wrath as she pushed the needle in and out attempting to find my vein...and still failed. The bruising on my arm is still ridiculous. After that pleasant experience, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for my "last meal."  I wasn't allowed to eat after midnight. 

The waitress was legit impressed with how much I ate.  Clear…

Cedar Jane's Nursery Tour

Well, baby Cedar will be arriving in 36 hours, so what better way to celebrate than to show off her nursery that I have spent months planning for her!

If I'm being honest with myself, I think I worked so hard planning her nursery because it felt like giving her a "normal" room would somehow help me forget that her situation is not "normal." I just want her to feel like any other kid in any way that I can, and giving her a beautiful nursery was one way I could do that.  Weird, I know.

Anyway, if you want to see a full video nursery tour, you can check it out HERE onYouTube.  Sources for everything in the nursery are listed at the bottom of this post.

The wallpaper was the inspiration for the entire room.  I knew as soon as I saw it on Etsy that it was meant for Cedar's room!

I know it's a little cheesy, but I wanted to incorporate a cedar tree print into her room, and this one just fit perfectly with the vibe I was going for!  Her Etsy shop had an inspi…

34-Week Update

With the average post-fetal surgery baby being born at 34 weeks, we are super happy to have made it this far!  According to our doctors, every day we make it past 34 weeks is an awesome bonus.  I still plan on making it all the way to our scheduled c-section at 36 weeks, 5 days--June 7.  Yes, that is exactly TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!  Our whole family is SO EXCITED!

We have been doing our best to prepare the boys for Cedar's arrival.  Recently I got this book, and I keep it on the coffee table:

We have been pointing out the scar on the baby to the boys and explaining that Cedar is also going to have a scar on her back when she is born.  Now Miles comes up to me every day with the book and says, "Cedar has an owie" and points to the book.  I just don't want them shocked when they see it for the first time!
Right now I am still undergoing twice-a-week appointments.  On Tuesdays I have an ultrasound, a non-stress test, and a maternal-fetal-medicine appointment.  On Fridays I j…

Tender Mercies Part 2

It's time to make a public update about all of the amazing ways our family has been blessed during this difficult time.  Once again, I would feel incredibly ungrateful to not mention the amazing people who have done things both big and small to make our life a little bit easier right now, and all of the little things I am grateful for!

* Many family members sent me flowers while in the hospital, and my theatre ed friends sent this amazing edible arrangement plus some cash to help with our situation.

* My sister and brother-in-law watching my boys the weekend my husband was driving home.
* My husband having no car trouble on his way home from San Francisco.  A day or two after he got home, his car battery died.
*My BYU friend McKell and her family letting us stay at her house the night we got in to San Francisco

* Modern technology allowing me to Skype with my boys while I was away
* Teachers and parents helping my student get to region and state drama competition.  They ended up …