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Layers of a Living Room

So, I haven't updated this baby in a while.  Sorry!  I will do a catch up post about us in a minute, but more is how our living room is doing.

We left off with...we bought a couch.  Then, the couch arrived, so the living room looked like this:

 Then, we found a great linen chair at a furniture clearance store! 

Next up, we definitely needed a rug.  We ordered this charcoal grey rug from  At first, we weren't sure if we liked it.  It was definitely blue-grey (apparently a common problem with "grey" rugs), which we weren't sure worked very well with our light blue couch; however, after sitting on it for a while (literally), we decided that we liked it.  It's not overly matchy-matchy, which I hate in design, so it worked out.  I also made a dalmatian print pillow (inspired by the recent interior design trend, see HERE).  I got the fabric from yard.  I still have yet to actually sew it, but that is between me a…