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Pregnancy Top 10 Lists

For one of my baby showers, my friend had me write down the 10 things I have loved most about pregnancy and the 10 things I have loved least about pregnancy (loved least?  hated?).  I thought I would share my lists here!

The 10 Best Things About My Pregnancy

1. Growing "Up Top"
Yup, they got bigger.  Finally.  Also Daniel's favorite thing about pregnancy maybe?

2. Feeling the Baby Kick and Move
Definitely the coolest (and simultaneously the weirdest) thing ever.

3. Designing a Nursery
I love a good interior design project so this has been a blast for me.

4. Eating for Two
Enough said.

5. Feeling Connected With Other Women
I think it's cool to finally be experiencing something millions of other women have gone through.  It makes me feel connected!

6. Learning About Pregnancy and Birth
Being pregnant has given me the opportunity to learn SO much about pregnancy and birth and it's fascinating!

7. Strengthening My Relationship With My Husband
Daniel and I have never …