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My Birth Story--Riley James Faulk

A warning in advance--this is really long and detailed, so if you don't want to read a detailed birth story (with pictures), then stop now!  This was an important record for me to make and I didn't want to spare any details. :)
Technically the story of my labor begins on Riley’s due date: July 24, 2013.Because I have to go back to school as a teacher very soon (my first meeting is August 14), I was desperate to see if I could use some “natural” methods to get the labor going.So, on Wednesday, July 24 around ten in the morning I took about 1.5 ounces of castor oil, which is known to get labor kick started occasionally by basically freaking out your bowels so you have the runs—lovely.I waited for a few hours but nothing happened at all.Bummer.My mother and sister came to Salt Lake and we celebrated Pioneer Day by going to temple square and having lunch at the Lion House.After lunch I started to have some horrible pains in my stomach.They didn’t feel like contractions—just horr…