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The Craziest Christmas Trip EVER

So, we're at the end of the year! YAY!  My last post about 2010 HAS to be about our crazy Christmas trip to Arizona.  For actual Christmas, we were at my Grandma Anderson's house with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins, which was AWESOME because it was just like my Christmas trips to Utah when I was growing up.  Pictures of this will have to come later, because they are on my old camera.

Anyway, a day or so later (I can't remember which), I embarked on the Faulk family tradition of going to Phoenix, Arizona right after Christmas to visit Daniel's Aunt Susie and Uncle Brian.  Let me just say, this trip did not go as planned.

First of all, we had THIS new, non-trained puppy in the car...the golden, smaller one :)

When we pulled into Las Vegas on the way down, she had pooped all over in her cage, and had smeared it all over herself.  The smell was horrific.  Throughout the trip, she continued to poop all over Aunt Susie and Uncle Brian's house.  Good thing they have 5 …

Next to Normal

Still playing catchup! It stinks that there are so many awesome things I've missed, but I'll try and include the most important events. Next up: My Mask Club!

A Mask Club production is a 45-minute cutting of a show that seniors direct in the advanced directing class, TMA 436. I had been planning mine for a long time. I would do a cutting of the musical Spring Awakening. I had made the cutting and had been plotting and planning for literally a year. I had all the pre-production work done. I was ready to cast the first week of school when I received terrible news. Despite the fact that my show had been approved in January, I was no longer going to be allowed to direct Spring Awakening because of the difficult themes and content. I had, of course, made extreme edits to make sure that the cutting was appropriate, but the climate of the department was such that the powers that be could not take such a risk at that time.

So, I was back to square one. As you might imagine, I …

Emily's Wedding!

Sorry this is getting a bit out of order, but I forgot to write about by best friend's wedding! Emily Meek married Jason Davies on June 30, 2010. It was my first time as a bridesmaid! Here are some pics from her stunning wedding!

First up, the wedding dinner the night before. She had it at the Market Street Grill:

Wedding day! One of my favorite things about Emily getting married is that our best friend WHITNEY got to come! We've all been best friends since the Mexico days, and Whitney was one of my bridesmaids as well. See here.

It was really windy...

Isn't she gorgeous? I couldn't ask for a better friend!



At the beginning of August 2010, just a few weeks after I got home from Cornerstone, Daniel and I were lucky enough to be whisked away to Disneyworld, courtesy of my parents and their 30th anniversary! We also got to go to the new HARRY POTTER THEME PARK! It was amazing. It was seriously an awesome vacation--a badly needed one. My parents are the most generous people ever, and it was the first time our whole family had been on a vacation together in many years.

Here are some of my favorite pics!

Taking the ride on the Disney Express from the Orlando airport:

Happy Anniversary!

We stayed at the New Orleans-themed hotel:

Sister silly-band power!

It was a crazy ride...