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My Birthday!

Let me just say first that I having amazing friends, amazing family, and an amazing husband. My birthday ROCKS! On Saturday night we ate at Tucanos with Sydney, Jen, Brandon, Caity, Bradley, and Kristy. There is seriously nothing better than having a good meal with good people. They're the best! And let's just say that playing games didn't happen afterward because we were all so STINKIN FULL! It was crazy! I could hardly move. Ahh you stuff me.
Birthdays are good for excellent food and....excellent presents.
Sydney made me a beautiful headband.
Caity got me an awesome party cookbook.
Heather got me beautiful flowers.
My parents got me gift certificates for the Buckle and PF Changs.
Daniel's parents got me a gift certificate to Nordstrom.
Daniel got me a BEAUTIFUL necklace from Anthropologie. See below:Everyone is so generous and AMAZING! And the day's only half over!!! Thank you everyone for thinking of me. Love you all!! --Camee