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Does anyone else feel like time is just FLYING by?  I do.

October is gone:

 We played with friends,
Had a major scare when Daniel and his Dad didn't come home after a hike.  A call to Search and Rescue and many hours later, they were fine...
I took a trip down to Cedar City to watch the kids I student taught take 1st in every category at the Utah Shakespeare Competition,
We had a fun Halloween cupcake night with Theatre Ed friends.  Daniel won Spookiest Cupcake...
We celebrated my the laundromat.

But then made up for it by going to Vegas!  We shopped...
We saw O at the Bellagio (courtesy of Daniel's parents)
We ate fabulous food at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant  And had a fantastic view from our hotel room (courtesy of my parents)
 I do the choreography and acting training at Park City Glee, and my girls performed on Main Street in Park City!
November came and went:

We got a new car!  2008 Escape Hybrid in Ice Blue...  Pretty...
Thanksgiving break was MUCH needed.  I …