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Faulk Update

Sorry it's been a while since you've heard from us!  We have been BUSY!


I've been super super busy working as the long-term theatre and choir substitute at Ecker Hill Middle School in Park City, Utah.  I teach 4 choir classes and 2 drama classes.  I just finished directing High School Musical, Jr.  We put the whole thing together in less than 8 weeks, which was INSANE since we only could practice before school for an hour.  I think I developed an ulcer from doing the show, but it was worth it.  The show went great in the end.  Everything came together!  Here is a cast picture we took on closing night:

Teaching full-time has been crazy.  I was supposed to only be at the school until the end of October, but I've now been asked to stay through the next quarter, which goes until the end of January.  I'm excited to stay employed for a while longer and to keep getting teaching experience, but I'm not excited about driving to Park City every day in the winter…