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July Happenings!

This will be a sum-up of the rest of July....

1. I went to the Northern Utah Parade of Homes with Grandma Anderson and my Aunt Stacy.  We had a blast and I even branched out and took Trax and Frontrunner to get there!   Most hilarious moment: explaining to my grandma the purpose of a pot filler.  I did find a few things I liked (not as many as the Utah Valley parade) including this mirrored side table:

and these patterned!

2.   The final Harry Potter premiere!  Daniel got to come home that weekend (I made sure of it), and keeping with tradition we went with my best bud Emily and her husband Jason!  Like last year, we baked Papa Murphy's pizza and we watched HP7 Part 1 before we went to see Part 2.  I'm so sad this era is over.  Emily and I have seen 6/8 Harry Potter midnight movie premieres together.  Good times!!

We were excited!!!  Also, this was the night I still had jet black/purple hair.  It was a massive salon mishap.  Two corrective appointments and 11.5 …