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4th of July Weekend

Daniel got to come home for the 4th of July weekend because his work needed him to pick something up here in Utah = FREE TRIP!

We celebrated Daniel's dad's birthday on July 3rd and then headed out to Roy to hang with my grandparents and relatives for the holiday.  There was, as always, lots of game playing:

On the 4th of July we started out the day with the world-famous Hooper parade!  Daniel and I were very excited that Popsicles were being thrown out.  Score!

My cousins Tyler and Callie got to decorate and then ride their bikes in the parade.  So cute!

In the after noon we went with grandma to see the movie Monte Carlo, which was pretty cute.  Then, we played Scrabble outside (Daniel beat both me and grandma) and just relaxed for a while.  In the evening, we went over to my aunt Stacy's house and had a barbecue.  Daniel got a little caught up playing with my little cousins in a squirt gun war.  I'm not sure who won...

Finally, we ended the evening with fireworks.  As us…