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Life at the Family House in San Francisco

Because I haven't updated since we were still in San Francisco, let me give you a basic rundown of what happened once we got to the Family House.  I was discharged on a Saturday, and the Family House sent us a Lyft to get us from the hospital to the family house a few blocks away.  I looked a little crazy coming out in my wheelchair trying to hold all the beautiful flowers people had sent that I just couldn't throw away yet!

The Family House was amazing.  I will be putting together a video tour of it really soon.  The rooms were very simple with two twin beds and a bathroom.  On each floor there are two family room areas with couches, TVs, and a beautiful communal kitchen.  Each family is assigned a mini fridge and a locking cabinet for dry goods.  Everyone pitches in to keep the dishwashers going, and there are family meals most weeknights donated by different organizations.  The only funny things about the family dinners was that we had lasagna literally 5 days in a row one…