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A Blog About Love

I just wanted to spread the word about the cutest blog my friend turned me on to.  It's called "A Blog About Love."

The husband and wife who write it were both previously divorced and they use the blog to share what they've learned about dealing with divorce, infertility, and most of to create a happy marriage.  They also offer online classes!

If you want to read the blog, they have a button titled "Start at the Beginning."  They only started the blog last year so it's easy to catch up and follow their love story.  

I really like the blog because it comes from two people who have seen what does NOT work in a marriage and they have both used their difficult circumstances to make their lives better.

How cute are they?

Anyway, I really admire what they're doing.  The blog is a great daily marriage pick-me-up.  It gives me hope and reminds of of essentials needed to stay happy.  Check it out and let me know what you think!
Here is the LINK!