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July Happenings!

This will be a sum-up of the rest of July....

1. I went to the Northern Utah Parade of Homes with Grandma Anderson and my Aunt Stacy.  We had a blast and I even branched out and took Trax and Frontrunner to get there!   Most hilarious moment: explaining to my grandma the purpose of a pot filler.  I did find a few things I liked (not as many as the Utah Valley parade) including this mirrored side table:

and these patterned!

2.   The final Harry Potter premiere!  Daniel got to come home that weekend (I made sure of it), and keeping with tradition we went with my best bud Emily and her husband Jason!  Like last year, we baked Papa Murphy's pizza and we watched HP7 Part 1 before we went to see Part 2.  I'm so sad this era is over.  Emily and I have seen 6/8 Harry Potter midnight movie premieres together.  Good times!!

We were excited!!!  Also, this was the night I still had jet black/purple hair.  It was a massive salon mishap.  Two corrective appointments and 11.5 hours in the salon chair later, it was back to normal brown--not what I asked for, but better than black!

Working on the pizza damage!  Emily and I ate WAY too many pieces of the veggie pizza (not shown here).  It was AMAZING.

The Davies!

The Faulks!

The actual Harry Potter fans!  Aren't we cute with our t-shirts??

3. I got to babysit my friend Briana's little girl!  Isn't she adorable?

4. Daniel and I went with some friends to see our mutual friend Jason in Camp Rock: the Musical at the SCERA outdoor theater in Orem (where I performed in Funny Girl last year).  The show wasn't exactly amazing, but Jason definitely was!  It was a blast to watch him.

The cast...

Jason is the one in the orange and blue sitting down:

5.  Haley and her friend Riley came to Utah to visit!  They came for EFY at BYU, but had a week to kill before the camp started.  One day I took them on TRAX to the Gateway in Salt Lake City.  We walked around, failed to buy anything, and had a great lunch at Rumbis.

Haley and Riley:

Haley and I:

6. This is a bit more somber, but Daniel's Grandpa Morgan died, and so Daniel drove home to Utah, picked up his work truck, and then we drove in it together to Denver, Colorado.  I gave the opening prayer and Daniel gave the closing at the memorial service (he was cremated).  We got there Monday night, the memorial service was Tuesday, and Daniel left Wednesday.  I drove home Friday with Daniel's parents.  His grandma was having a really hard time while we were there, and I'm not going to lie it was an extremely difficult few days for everyone, but we survived and hopefully were able to help her out a bit.

We went the Wyoming way to Denver (BAD idea), so we stopped in Little America for their 50 cent cones.  With all those billboards, how could you not?

Arriving in Denver!

Some of the memorial service flowers I helped pick out with Aunt Susie:

The Faulks took me to a delicious Fish & Chips cafe.  This is Grandma Morgan and my mother-in-law Jenny:

LaVaun (my father-in-law) took me on a ride one day so I could see the Denver temple:

7. This is the last one, I promise.  I planned a Provo River trip for my sisters and their friends.  We had a BLAST.  I was fabulous at staying in the middle of the river.  Everyone else?  Not so much.  Haley and Taneesa were probably the worst.  They ran into every single tree and rock they possibly could.  People were falling out of their tubes (Haley, Adam, Kristy, Taneesa), getting smacked by branches (Haley, Vanessa), loosing articles of clothing (Kristy, Adam), and just basically sucking at floating (everyone but me).  But, as Kim said, no one else on that river was having as much fun as we were!

All the ladies...

Haley and I on the bus ride up the river!  Pretend the light from the window is wiping out half my eyebrow...

Just doin my thang...

One of the only moments of peace on the trip:

Both Kristy and her boyfriend Adam lost a shoe on the trip, and after losing it 3 times in the river, I was amazed that Adam got his hat back in the end...

My fabulous sisters and I!

Anyway, that was the rest of July.  I'm sorry this was the longest post ever, but it's over!  More to come!!


  1. Your black swimsuit is AMAZING! And I love the patterned chairs too.


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