Thursday, June 14, 2012

I HEART Artichokes!

So today I’m sharing one of my new FAVORITE snacks—roasted artichoke!  This is one of those things that sounds fancy and difficult but is actually SO easy!  Lately I’ve made them both for myself and to share at parties. Daniel doesn't NOT like them, but they're a vegetable so he won't eat them.  Here’s how I do it with only a few simply ingredients…

 1 or 2 artichokes
Lemon juice
Olive Oil
Garlic (cloves or minced)
Sea Salt

1. Get some artichokes!   I found these for $.88 each at Sunflower Market.  Aren’t they beautiful?

2. Cut off about an inch or so off the top of the artichoke. 

3. Cut off the stem of the artichoke.  I’ve found that it practically pops off by itself!

4. Put the artichoke in a bowl (I forgot in these pictures) and immediately sprinkle the two open, cut parts with lemon juice to prevent browning.

5. Pull open the artichoke a bit, layer by layer.  This will allow the juices to seep all the way down into the artichoke.

6. Pour lemon juice (either real or from a bottle) and olive oil over the artichoke.  Make sure the juice and oil are really getting down into all the layers.  I really like to taste the lemon after roasting so I use a lot—several tablespoons for sure.

7.  Really open up the core of the artichoke and place either a full garlic clove or some minced garlic (I used minced) down into the core.  I also sprinkled some minced garlic into the other layers.

8. Sprinkle the whole thing with some sea salt.

9.   Place the artichoke on some foil.  Pour the leftover juices from the bowl onto the top of the artichoke.  Wrap it in foil from the bottom up.  Do this with a second piece of foil.  This makes sure that there is no where for the air to escape and locks in the flavor.

10. Place the artichoke(s) in an oven safe bowl.  Bake at 410 degrees for 1 hour 10 minutes.  

When they’re done…they look like this! 

Some people like to dip theirs in mayonnaise.  I mixed some mayo with a little lemon juice and some favorite herbs for my dip; however, the second time I made these I didn’t use any dip and the lemon and olive oil flavor was PLENTY.  Saves you some calories as well!

I know it sucks that they take so long to roast, but the prep is so easy that it’s worth it!  How else do you cook artichokes?


  1. Dang I'm totally inspired. We've just always boiled/steamed them and eaten them with butter! This looks yummiest for sure

  2. same as the above. I just boiled mine. Wasn't as flavorful I'm sure, but only takes around 20 minutes, and then I dipped mine in melted butter with a little lemon in it. I'm excited to try your way!