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We Bought a Couch...

Well, we've officially made the move from a basement apartment in Midvale to a rented condo on Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City....and we're loving it!

The only problem is that our new apartment is pretty unfurnished.  We never really liked our old brown sectional, although it was our first "big" purchase as a married couple so I guess it had some sentimental value.  Regardless, we decided to try and sell it to people who came through to look at our apartment when it was up for rent.  Luckily, someone bought it!  This was very exciting to us, but we quickly realized when we moved in to our new place that we now had no where to sit and watch movies or snuggle or just relax after work.  Well, it's been almost 3 weeks and we are still only watching movies in bed on a tiny TV.

The GOOD news is, we ordered a couch!  It should be here in about 4 weeks.  Now that we have picked out a couch, we still need to get:

1. Rug
2. Coffee Table
3. Side tables
4. Lamps (these are a MUST since we have no overheard light in the living room)
5. 2 Side Chairs

This is where I need YOUR help!  I need some design inspiration!  The rug is the next project.  Anyway, here is the couch from Macys:

We really went out on a limb and got the sky blue instead of grey or cream.  We want to get some color up in here!  Here are some of the rug ideas I have had so far, but I would LOVE your input!

CHEVRON: could get in black/white, grey/white, or even brown/white (LINK)
TRELLIS:  Grey would be safe, but I've also seen that mixing light blue with darker blues looks great too (LINK)

ORANGE:  I think that the light blue/orange would be a fun color combo (LINK)

CORAL: I love the light blue/coral color combo (LINK).  I'm also loving actual coral patterns (see below, LINK)

 DAMASK:  So many color options: yellow (LINK), red (LINK), black (LINK)

Anyway, as you can see there are a LOT of options!  Who knew a blue sofa could look great with so many rugs?  Which one/type would you pick?


  1. yayyy decorating!!!
    LOVE the chevron rug!!!
    something like that for lamps... (i know it's pricey....just find a cheaper option..haha just concepts here!)
    mix it with a simple modern pair of end-tables (black?) with clean lines to balance it out
    is there a homegoods where you live? they always have GREAT accent chairs at decent prices.
    can you tell i love furniture....?

  2. That lamp is amazing! I'm thinking either one floor lamp on one side of the couch and one end table with a table lamp (just to mix it up), or just two tables w/lamps. Not sure!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the couch!!! I'd pick rug #2 in grey or orange rug #3. Still, the couch is cute enough anything would look great!


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