Friday, October 19, 2012

Layers of a Living Room

So, I haven't updated this baby in a while.  Sorry!  I will do a catch up post about us in a minute, but more is how our living room is doing.

We left off with...we bought a couch.  Then, the couch arrived, so the living room looked like this:

 Then, we found a great linen chair at a furniture clearance store! 

Next up, we definitely needed a rug.  We ordered this charcoal grey rug from  At first, we weren't sure if we liked it.  It was definitely blue-grey (apparently a common problem with "grey" rugs), which we weren't sure worked very well with our light blue couch; however, after sitting on it for a while (literally), we decided that we liked it.  It's not overly matchy-matchy, which I hate in design, so it worked out.  I also made a dalmatian print pillow (inspired by the recent interior design trend, see HERE).  I got the fabric from yard.  I still have yet to actually sew it, but that is between me and you.  I threw on our old light green pillows from our last couch, but they won't be there much longer.  Anyway, here was the next layer:

After this came the big Daniel project.  We wanted a coffee table that looked like these:
Above image: $2,795

Above image: $9,600

Above image: $1,265

We knew we wanted a "free form slab" or "live edge," as they call it, wood coffee table with stainless steel legs.  As you can see, the prices were no where near what we were willing to pay.  So, Daniel decided to make it himself.  He went to his parents' cabin and found a tree that had fallen down.  He cut out a giant piece of the trunk and hauled it to his car with his dad.  He took it to a mill to have a piece sliced out of the middle and cut to the size we wanted.  Then, he put a clear gloss on the top part of it to protect it from drinks and whatnot.  We kept it pretty matte because we wanted to wood to still look really natural and not overly glossy.  Then, Daniel bought the metal for the legs.  We wanted to get stainless steel, but thought it was too expensive.  So, Daniel bought aluminum, which ended up looking exactly the same and was cheaper.  He had the legs cut and welded together at a metal shop and screwed them on himself.  
So, here is the next layer including the beautiful coffee table Daniel made:

Some more angles:

Below is an image of the lamp I got at Homegoods and the 'F' I snagged from Anthropologie on clearance:

Also, for my birthday Daniel let me get these two Philippe Starck-style Louis Ghost Chairs.  They're not the real thing, but they look exactly the same, and at only $70 each instead of $300+ each, I said HECK YEA!

Here are some inspiration images using lucite ghost chairs: In Dining RoomIn OfficeIn Living Room 

Up next for our living room?  ART, PILLOWS, ACCESSORIES.  Let me know if you see any awesome deals!    

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  1. I am studying Interior Design right now and I love it! I love what you did with your room. I am crazy about Ghost chairs! Where did you find these knock offs?!