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An Easter to Remember

Easter. A time of pastels, bunnies, and new Sunday clothes. I was determined to make Riley's first Easter great. Looking back, I just shouldn't have cared so dang much. Maybe if I hadn't everything would have gone swell...

So the morning started off fine. I was excited to put Riley in his cute Easter outfit and for the whole family to look great at church (because clearly this matters...not). First thing in the morning we get a call from Daniel's dad saying that Daniel's mom is really sick so we won't be able to go over there for dinner. I felt terrible for her (and she was SO sad to miss Riley's first Easter), but this definitely threw a wrench in our plans. We had no food. Seriously. I ran to the grocery store the day before just to get the dessert we thought we were bringing to Daniel's parents house. Still, I decided I would deal with that later.

While Daniel was showering, I nursed Riley in his rocking chair. He was just looking up at me with those ginormous blue eyes and I decided to take that quiet, still moment to talk to him about what Easter is really about. I was about ten seconds in, talking about Jesus, when Riley let out a string of farts so major I couldn't believe they came from a baby. He just kept looking up at me like, "what?"  So, with that spiritual moment sufficiently ruined I moved on, about to get him dressed.

As I put him against my shoulder, he decided--after not spitting up for weeks--to suddenly spit up ALL DOWN me and the rocking chair. Awesome. I just thanked my lucky stars that neither of us were in our Easter clothes yet! 

I got Riley dressed and of course...we were running late. So on the way out the door I grabbed a granola bar. As I was getting out of the car at church, I looked down and realized that one of the chocolate chips from the granola bar had smushed into my light pink Easter dress. AWESOME! I just kept saying to Daniel, "This is SO TYPICAL! I try to make a nice day for us and everything goes wrong! This is the STORY OF MY LIFE!!"
I am, of course, a bit dramatic.

So church is going typically. Riley is screaming and squirming. Seriously, holding this kid in church is like wrestling a cat. About halfway in, Riley suddenly spits up-again-this time all down his Easter outfit. I freak out and reach for a burp cloth in the diaper bag. Nothing. We were so rushed I didn't really pack the diaper bag. Luckily a sweet mom behind us saw our predicament and handed me one of theirs. Bless her.

The rest of church was uneventful. Riley even took a nap during Sunday School:

Since I now knew we weren't going over to the in-laws I had someone take our picture outside of church. I look ridiculous, but here you have it: 

I swear he had cute shoes on right before this picture.

When we got home, I took a few more pictures:

Immediately after taking this picture Daniel realized that Riley had had a blowout (also rare) all in his Easter outfit. All I can say is of course he did. Of course.

At this point our grumbling stomachs reminded us of our dinner problem. This probably sounds bad, but I was hoping all during church that someone would ask me what my Easter plans were so I could tell them they got cancelled and in my head the person would say, "Well come on over for dinner at our place!" Unfortunately my imaginary conversation never came to be in real life. So what do the Faulks do in a dinner worst case scenario? 


I have to say, I make a mean nacho. I literally speed beans on each individual nacho. Can't beat that. It was yummy!

We made the best of our crazy day by going on a long walk together and dropping the dessert off at Daniel's parents' house.  I very unceremoniously plopped Easter baskets in front of Daniel and Riley, but they seemed to like them.

Luckily none of the petty things that happened really matter. Nachos on Easter? Fine. No Easter egg hunt for Riley? He doesn't know what's happening anyway. Chocolate chip on my dress? It will come out. I hope.

Christ is the reason we celebrate Easter and I am grateful every day that he is my Redeemer. His Atonement makes up for my sins, my hard days, and my sorrows. He is the only one who truly always knows what we are going through and how we feel. How amazing is that? I encourage everyone to watching the LDS video on YouTube entitled "Because of Him." It is beautiful! Happy Easter!!


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