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Baby #2--Needs, Wants, and Wishes

Yea, yea.  It's been a while.  Story of my life.  As usual I want to get back into blogging.  Although I stink at consistency...I really like it. 

Quick Update: Riley is almost 2 years old ( and baby #2 is due in 16 days!  We bought a house a year and a half ago in Sandy, Utah.  I am still the drama teacher at Kearns High and Daniel works as a data analyst for Williams Gas. I will do a more full "life update" post later.

Moving on!  

This is a post I have been crafting in my head for a while and I am excited to finally get it out there!  As the arrival of baby #2 has gotten closer and closer I have been thinking a lot about what items I am going to need that I didn't have the first time around.  I am really lucky that the boys will be almost exactly 2 years apart, so they are being born during the same season.  This of course means that I can reuse all of the baby clothes from Riley with baby #2.  This eliminated any major need for clothes buying (although I couldn't resist getting a COUPLE new things.  I mean, come on...), so I turned my focus to baby gear.

What products did I wish I had last time? What new awesome things has the baby world unveiled in the last two years?  In thinking about these types of questions, I came up with 8 products that are a mix of things I decided I absolutely needed the second time around as well as some fun things I would really LIKE the second time around.  Some of them I have already purchased and some of them I have not (ya see, no one gives you a baby shower the second time around!).  Details are below the picture!

1. A Double Stroller--Need List, Purchased
This has been a source of contention between my husband and I (and..ahem...still is).  To him, this was not a necessity.  He thinks we can just keep using our single stroller and either strap the new baby to me or strap the toddler to the stroller with a leash so he won't run away.  Either way, there seems to be a lot of strapping going on that is not practical in all situations.  I insisted that with two kids a double stroller was not a high maintenance wish but rather a necessity.  

I essentially won this argument by purchasing the stroller.  There...problem solved. 

The picture above is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller (link).  I purchased it from Target.  Let it be clear that if I could pick any double stroller, this would not be it.  I would go for the Bugaboo Donkey (link) or the Baby Jogger City Select (link).  Right now neither of those options are, as my husband says, "financially feasible."  SO, after doing a bunch of research this stroller seemed a fantastic option at only $160.  It has the best combination of price, practicality, and non-ugliness I could find.  The back seat is removable and allows for either an infant car seat OR the sit n stand option.  We will see if after we use this for a while my husband is won over!  

2. Covered Goods Nursing Cover/Car Seat Wrap/Grocery Cart Wrap/Scarf--Want List, Wish List
This is a newer product that looks AWESOME.  As I have learned through "Mom Experience," products that have multiple uses ROCK.  I hate having tons of baby crap everywhere, so finding products that do double, triple, or in this case QUADRUPLE duty are high up in my books.  As can be seen in the image below, the Covered Goods Nursing Cover (link) has 4 uses:

Neat, right?  I already have a nursing cover, so this is not a necessity, but I like that this cover has full coverage all the way around--not just in the front.  This becomes highly practical when you're not wearing something that easily lifts up only in the front.  I had many instances where I had to figure out a way to not expose my back to everyone...not cool.  It also helps that these covers are fantastically stylish and not at all ugly and baby-ish looking--another essential for me.

3. Mama & Little Teething Jewelry--Want List, Wish List
This is of course not a NEED but rather a fun want (my birthday is in October guys...).  When your baby is teething and begging to chew on anything this is a great thing to have.  While there are a lot of teething jewelry companies out there, my friend Arleene Taylor's company Mama & Little (link)makes the MOST stylish teething jewelry out there.  This is functional baby gear at its finest because the jewelry is something you will want to wear AFTER the baby is done teething.  It's seriously adorable.  Proof?  Nordstrom just picked her up...bam.

4. A Portable Rocker--Need List, Wish List
I think this is going on the needs list.  As of now I have no portable baby-putter-inner of any kind.  Being able to shower and set the baby in something where I can see him is a luxury I need to figure out how to afford this time around.  Before I would put Riley in his car seat, but I didn't want him to fall asleep in it, which would inevitably happen.  A product like the Tiny Love Rocker (link) would allow me to strap the baby into something cozy while I get things done.  This particular rocker also allows the baby to lay completely flat, converting into a bassinet that is safe to sleep in.  While any rocker/bouncer would do, something similar to this would be amazing to have the second time around.  

5. A Second Pump--Need List, Purchased
After dealing with packing up my pump and all of its parts and schlepping it all to and from work every single day I decided this was a necessity for baby #2.  I got my first pump (the Hygeia Enjoye Pump (link)) free through my insurance with Riley, and I have since switched insurance companies since then so I figured I could do the same thing again this time.  I was correct!  Unfortunately my insurance this time is not as awesome so I only got my pick of 2 free pumps.  I settled on the Rumble Tuff (link) double electric pump.  It is small and lightweight so I figured it would be great to keep at work.  No more forgetting pump parts at home and having to run to the babysitter's house during my 30-minute lunch break to nurse!  Wahoo!  
As a side note, this time around I have purchased the Kiinde Breastfeeding System (link) to hopefully make my pumping experience a little more streamlined.  After I use it I will do a review on here for sure!

6. A Pack 'N Play--Need List, Purchased
That's right.  I did not own a pack 'n play until very recently when we NEEDED some sort of travel bed for Riley.  I had wanted one for baby #2, but this forced me to just get it over with and pick one.  Let's get real here.  Pack 'n plays on the whole are some of the ugliest baby gear out there.  For those of you that don't care, good for you.  For those of us that have worked very hard for baby crap to not ruin the interior design we have worked so hard on for years, aesthetics are very important.  Primary-colored, plastic-looking baby crap is the stuff of my nightmares.  Unfortunately, beautifully designed pack 'n plays like the 4moms Breeze Playard (link) or the BABYBJORN Travel Crib (link) will set you back over $200, at the least.  So when I saw the new Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Play Yard and how it looked amazingly similar to the BABYBJORN for only $120 I knew I had stumbled upon something awesome!  I love that it is incredibly travel-friendly and has the newborn insert on top as an added bonus!  Riley HATED our Arm's Reach Bassinet (link) so if baby #2 does as well, I am hoping that this might be a more comfy, slightly inclined option.  We'll see...

7. 4moms Mamaroo (link)--Want List, Wish List
This is definitely a want.  I already have a baby swing, although Riley hated it (the unsoothable baby, for reals).  I have heard great things about the Mamaroo and it is, of course, much more aesthetically pleasing than any other swing out there.  It also connects to your iphone so you can play music, change its settings, etc. from across the room.  Pretty neat.  If it was super lightweight, I wouldn't need the portable rocker/bouncer (#4), but unfortunately it's not meant to be moved from room to room.  

8. A Baby Wrap--Want List, Purchased
As I already have an ERGO Baby Carrier (link) this is technically not a need.  Still, babies tend to be picky and it's nice to have multiple options.  Also, the ERGO, while fantastic overall, can be a bit hot, and with a summer baby I knew the super cute, lightweight Solly Baby Wrap (link) was the way to go.  I purchased the mint color, as pictured above, and I can't wait to use it with my newborn!  The Solly tends to be much more lightweight than the Moby or other wraps.  There are tutorials on YouTube to show you multiple ways to wrap it as well.  I am determined to do a LOT more baby-wearing this time around and I decided to treat myself with the Solly Baby Wrap.  

Well, there you have it.  Eight items that I want/need/wish for with Baby #2!  As his due date is still 2 weeks away, I obviously have not used these products yet, so I will do a post-use review in a few months to let you know which products have actually been life savers and which I could have done without.  

What products did you purchase for Baby #2...or 3 or 4 or 5?  Leave a comment below!! 


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