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Cornerstone Day 3

Day 3! This day started off with breakfast and then our auditions. We were all required to audition for the play so we would know what the community members would be going through. It was really easy and fun, and I think it was a great audition idea for inexperienced actors. They had us pick a short sentence from the newspaper and read it to them (memorized if you wanted to). Then, the director (Juliette) had us say that newspaper line in many different ways and in several different situations. It was pretty fun.

After that, we had a meeting about how auditions would be run that afternoon and how to canvass on the streets to get people to audition. The process would be as follows:
1. Arrive and sign in.
2. Fill out audition form
3. Take their picture
4. Have them choose sentence from newspaper
5. Escort them in.
6. They will be told if they get a callback.
7. Sign them up for a callback time.
8. Give them a callback slip.

That afternoon after lunch, we went to set up auditions and do our assignments. I was assigned to Humphrey Park. Here are some pics:

Here we are waiting for them to open the audition room:

There were these awesome clown murals that are reflective of the clowns in our show (the gang members in our play wear clown costumes):

Auditions were for three hours and we were each given different assignments for each hour. The first hour I was an escort, which basically meant I was supposed to bring people from the sign in table to the audition room. This was incredibly unneeded, so I mostly just hung out. I think we had five people audition total--in three hours. This wasn't really what we were expecting, but oh well. For the second hour I went recruiting. Holy cow--tough work! I finally felt a little taste of what it's like to be a missionary! I had to go up to random people I found and try to convince them to come audition. I got to use a lot of spanish, which was great but challenging. It was a lot of walking and a lot of talking basically. Plus, it is DANG HOT! I love it. The third hour I was assigned to help people fill out their audition forms. There wasn't really anybody to help, so again that was pretty easy.

After auditions we met back and had a meeting to see how the auditions in the two different locations went. It sounded like the other auditions were about as successful as ours. I was seriously hoping we had some major recruiting success in the next few days or else we wouldn't have a cast!

After the meeting we had a class about the intro to Cornerstone. We learned about how Cornerstone got started and got to see a lot of pictures and videos from their past productions. I've gotta say, they do some awesome work. It gave me a much better idea about what our final product will look like. I'm really thinking that this is something I could go back to my own community and do, which is great. They fed us popcorn during the meeting, and as you could expect, I enjoyed it.

At the end of incredibly long day #3, I was exhausted. All the heat and walking and then sitting made me ready for BED! On to day 4....


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