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Cornerstone Day 4

Day 4 was the Fourth of July! It was our first day off. We normally don't get Sundays off (it's usually Mondays), so it was nice. I mostly just hung around in the morning and caught up on some sleep. After lunch a few girls--including myself--went to the Hansen Dam water park to get some sun. Unfortunately, it was closed because that's where they would be setting off the fireworks in the evening. Bummer. Still, we would not be shut down, so we went over to Humphrey park (where we had the auditions the day before) because we saw they had a pool. When we showed up, nobody was there so we assumed that it was also closed. Luckily, we decided to ask and it was open! It had a diving board, and a water slide, and a lot of rules. You had to check in everything in the locker room and could only take a towel and a book or whatever out with you. No beach bad full of awesomeness or anything! So weird. You also had to go out in your swim suit or at least show that you had a swimsuit on underneath what you were wearing. We had a good time imagining what had happened in the past to make them have so many rules!
Anyway, it was still a lot of fun. We sunbathed, swam, and just enjoyed the relaxation after a few hard days. Here are some pics!
Beach babes...well, pool babes...

One major thing they were missing was lawn chairs...

Me and Caitlyn...

When we got home, Cornerstone had a huge barbecue that was delicious! There were veggies of all kinds, watermelon, shrimp kabobs, beef and chicken kabobs, tofu (at every meal for all the vegetarians and vegans!), guacamole, salsa, chips, dip, etc. It was so delicious! A bunch of Cornerstone friends came and it was great to just socialize and chillax.

Our evening consisted of fireworks at the Hansen Dam, which was quite the event. Cars were parked all over for miles. It was CROWDED. People were setting off illegal fireworks all over the place and one kid got hit by a ricochet one and his shirt caught on fire. Crazy. Here is a pic of the ladies who went!


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