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So We Went to Dubai...

I know, I know.  I STINK at blogging.  I love the finished product, but let's be real.  Putting pictures into blogger has to be the most horrific computer experience I've ever had!  It takes forever!  So, let's all just be thankful that I blog even as infrequently as I do.

So...we went to Dubai over Christmas break!  My mom, dad, and sister live there for my dad's work and let me tell you it was FABULOUS.  I have never wanted to live somewhere so badly in my life!  It has all the comforts of the U.S. while not having to BE in the U.S.!  Also, most people speak English and all the signs are in English.  Talk about convenient!  The following are just a few of my favorite pictures from the trip.  To see the full album, go HERE.

I love how these pictures did not upload even remotely in the order that I clicked on them.  Delightful.  So, here are the pics in a completely random order!  Wahoo!

My sisters and I looking rediculous sexy at a belly dancing show...

Daniel and I in our full middle eastern garb
 The whole fam in front of the Burj al Arab--the most expensive hotel in the world

Family swim time!

Daniel and I in front of the Burj al Arab.  I've wanted to go here since I was young.  Random, right?

Right before our desert dafari

From the desert to...skiing?  This is us at Ski Dubai--the world's largest indoor ski resort

Doing our tricycle thang at my parents' beach club

Gotta ride a camel of course...

The whole fam...Middle East style

The Burj Khalifa--the world's tallest building.  We went up to the top and it was amazing!
 My dad got to present an award at the Medan horse racing track--the world's most expensive horse racing track

We went on a nice drive one day onto the Palm (man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree, see HERE ) to get a good view of the Dubai Marina

We made a stop to see Atlantis Dubai

Christmas Eve in Dubai...gotta have the PJs!

Awesome Christmas gifts

Our view from the top of the Burj Khalifa

My parents' house...

As you can see, we had a SMASHING time.  I can't wait to get back there!!


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