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So I Was in a Show...

When I got back from Dubai, I was B-O-R-E-D.  I was looking for work (since my time at Ecker Hill Middle School ended when the normal teacher came back from sick leave) and nothing was coming up.  I was a stay at home wife.

Not cool.

So, I decided to audition for a musical--Lucky Stiff.  It was my first audition in the Salt Lake Valley.  I doubted I would get in the first show I auditioned for since I knew no one in this part of Utah and I assumed it was probably even more competitive than in Provo.

Regardless, I went for it...and got the lead female role!  I was shocked, not only that I had got cast as a lead but also that I got cast as the ingenue!  I tried to think back to all the parts I had previously played and I could not think of one role that would be considered an ingenue role.  I'm always the villain or the quirky weird character, which has always been fine because those are great roles to play.  For example:

My senior year in high school I played Velma Kelly in Chicago.  She's definitely not what I would call an ingenue since she killed someone...

I also played a creepy ensemble member in Sweeney Todd.  Enough said...

At BYU I played Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors--clearly not an ingenue.

Here I am playing Toinette, the crazy maid in The Imaginary Invalid.  In this photo I am juxtaposed to the ingenue of all ingenues, my good friend Christie Clark.  She is known by some as "BYU's ingenue."  She is just too fabulous at playing ingenues to be anything else, and we love her for it!

Also at BYU, I played Logainne in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  While I wouldn't exactly call her a villain, she was definitely a quirky character!

And, as a final example, I played Mrs. Strakosh, the dirty joke-cracking old lady in Funny Girl.  I have also juxtaposed myself to Christie Clark here for reference.  

As you can see, I'm not kidding!  This is why I was so excited to get to play Annabel in Lucky Stiff.  I knew it would be a great challenge for me as an actor.  Of course, I put my own quirky spin on her.  Since the characters you create as an actor are supposed to reflect the real you I naturally could not help this.

Here is a photo from Lucky Stiff, produced by the Murray Arts Council.  I'll put more up when I get home tonight:

Don't be shocked.  It was a long granny slip.

Now you can be shocked!  It's OK, it was Daniel approved.

Some awesome people came and saw me in the show!

I seriously had the best experience doing this show, despite Daniel struggling with me being gone every evening.  I got to meet a ton of awesome people, improve my musical theatre skills, and just have an amazing time.  The cherry on top was this review from Utah Theatre Bloggers:

In case you don't want to read all of that, here is the paragraph about me!

"Playing across him as the romantic interest was Camee Anderson Faulk, the frigid representative of the charity for dogs, sent to follow Harry around and watch his every move. Faulk’s talent rose above most of the cast, being as she was the strongest singer. This was especially clear in her solo number, “Times Like This,” where she belted out a note that had the audience clapping before the song was even finished. She played her role of the uptight Miss Glick extremely well, with sharp comedic timing and a Shelley Duvall-like presence. I was especially tickled by the scenes where Miss Glick must follow Harry and Anthony’s corpse around to their varied activities, including a skydiving trip, fishing, (which featured Faulk “floating” around in an inner-tube, a delightful sight gag), and gambling."

Awesome, right?  Here is a link to another REVIEW.  

I can't wait to do another show, since being IN a show is so different from my everyday job of teaching theatre, directing, stage managing, designing, choreographing, etc.  It's so nice to just get to act and leave all of that stuff up to someone ELSE!  It will be a while though before I audition for something else--Daniel needs some recuperation time!


  1. Shelly Duvall is a great comparison! And I've always been so envious of your comedic timing :) I'm so happy for you! This sounded like it was a great role, I wish I could have seen it :)

  2. dang you're famous!! We had fun watching you in little shop of horrors awhile back :)

  3. I just read this. I miss playing opposite you! Love you, Camee.


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