Monday, June 21, 2010

Spring Semester Insanity

So, this spring semester has been TOUGH! We had the following things going on:

Daniel works for Osmose and usually works 8-10 hours a day. While he doesn't really love this job, he has stuck with it until he can find a job in his field. I appreciate how hard he works so we can keep our nice apartment, do fun things together, and eat.
2. Grad School
When Daniel comes home at night he doesn't relax. He works on grad school. He is currently doing his masters in Geographic Information Systems through the University of Denver's online program. He did one class his first semester and got an A! I think his lowest grade on an assignment was a 99%. That's my man! He is now just beginning his second class of grad school.

3. Helping out his Dad
Daniel and his dad have worked construction together since Daniel could hold a hammer. He still helps out his dad whenever he can. This is a picture of them working together on a project this summer.

1. Work
I still work about 20-25 hours a week at the scheduling office in the HFAC.

2. English 311
I seriously thought this class was going to kill me. I didn't mind the part in class, but all the homework was out of control. It was English on crack. Still, I survived and pumped out that 12-page research paper!

3. Stage Makeup Class (TMA 267)
While this class was a blast, it put my face through a lot of work! My skin is still recovering. Luckily I got to do this class with one of my bestest buddies: Heather! Here are some of the projects I did:


Middle Age:

Old age:

Scraped Knee:

Burnt Hand:

Flesh-Eating Bacteria:


Queen of Hearts:

With the Mad Hatter:

Stylized 2 (my execution, not my design):

Barbie (this was in one of the beginning phases...I'll add a final picture when I get one!):

4. Intermediate Directing (TMA 336)
This class was very fun, but a LOT of work. I directed two scenes: one 3-5 minute scene (The Importance of Being Ernest) and one 7-9 minute scene (Spring Awakening). I had so much fun with both of my casts. For my Spring Awakening scene I did I Believe into The Guilty Ones into I Don't Do Sadness. You can watch it here: Spring Awakening Scene. Here are some pics of my Spring Awakening cast:

5. Funny Girl
I spent my nights during Spring Semester rehearsing for Funny Girl, which has been performing at the SCERA Outdoor Shell Theater. It has been a BLAST. I play Mrs. Strakosh and get to practice my old age makeup every night! She is such a fun character and I've enjoyed my time playing her on stage. Our cast was CRAZY and AWESOME. Tonight is our closing night, so I'll do a full Funny Girl post later.

As you can see, the Faulks have had a pretty busy semester!! We try to make the most of our time together since there is so little of it. Next week I leave for my internship in LA, so hopefully we'll be able to spend some time together this week!

Emily's Bridal Shower

So, my BFF Emily is getting married on June 30th. So, I had the honor of throwing her a bridal shower! We had a BLAST! So many wonderful girls showed up to my apartment. Add some awesome food to that and it was definitely a par-tay! Here were some of the happenings:

Food: sweet potato fries, mini feta sun-dried turkey burgers, strawberry salad, and chocolate covered cheesecake bites

Purse Scavenger Hunt:

The If-You-Don't-Get-Questions-About-Your-Spouse-Right-We-Shove-Marshmallows- In-Your-Mouth-Game:

The Banana Passing Game:

The banana couldn't stand the heat:


Beautiful Ladies:

It was a great party, and I'm so excited for my best friend to get married! She has found an awesome guy who is fun to be around and treats her right. I love her so much and i wish her the best!

Spelling Bee!

So, winter semester I participated in Heather Burgess' mask club: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. IT WAS SO FUN! A mask club is a 40-minute cut of a show that is done for a final senior directing project. I played Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre, a cute 4th grader with a lisp and two gay dads. The show was absolutely HILARIOUS and I can honestly say it was the best mask club EVER! Heather even won a directing award for it! I have the DVD of it, so if you want to see it, let me know! Our cast seriously became best friends, and it was a wonderful experience. These are some of my favorite pictures from the whole process!