Monday, June 21, 2010

Aedea Li Xie is Born!

Our good friends Wei and Keeley had their first baby! Ahh the miracle of the honeymoon baby! Aedea Li Xie was born on March 4, 2010. She is absolutely adorable and we love her already. I consider myself an aunt now, of course. Daniel can't believe how small she is. This little girl already has a LOT of family and people to spoil her constantly. Sometimes it's hard watching people have kids. It makes me want to jump to that point in our life, but I know that waiting for the right time is important. School needs to be out of my way before I can concentrate on another life! It would also help to have a job, money, more than one bedroom, etc. For now I am just enjoying playing with this little one and living through someone else!

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  1. Well-said about the whole wanting a baby thing.