Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Vegas/St. George Trip

In March Daniel and I decided that we needed a vacation. So, we took a long weekend and went to Vegas and St. George. This was my first time in Vegas, so I was way excited to see the city and, of course, spend some time with my husband. While I indeed did both of these things, I was extremely ill the entire time. Daniel and I are certain our vacations are cursed (remember our honeymoon?). I slept for huge portions the whole way there, and it took over a day and a half for me to be able to breathe partially out of my nose. Despite the setbacks, we had a great time.

We stayed in the Stratosphere hotel:

Saw the beautiful lights:

Watched the fountains at the Bellagio:

Saw....other fountains...:

Ate crepes at the Paris hotel (AMAZING!):

Took a really stupid picture next to a slot machine (Daniel refused to let me try it...):

Ate breakfast the next morning (after staying in a handicap room with a shower that leaked all over the bathroom floor) at a cute diner in our hotel:

Went shopping all day, ending at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace:

When my feet were so blistered I couldn't walk anymore, we stopped to eat at Planet Hollywood:

After our Vegas adventure came our St. George adventure. We saw the temple:

Ate breakfast at the Bear Paw (can you say chocolate mousse-stuffed french toast?!):

We saw some pretty strange things in St. George. Can you see something off in this picture?

Why yes, that is a life-size velociraptor in a front yard:

Other strange houses included this one, where I'm pretty sure they didn't waste an ounce of yard space:

And this one, which clearly had a theme:

We rounded out our stay in St. George by getting together with Daniel's parents. Daniel went golfing with his dad and I went to the parade of homes with his mom. SO FUN! We had a blast looking at all the houses, and I definitely have some good ideas for our future house. Despite feeling so horrible, this was still a much needed vacation from winter semester.

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