Monday, June 21, 2010

Emily's Bridal Shower

So, my BFF Emily is getting married on June 30th. So, I had the honor of throwing her a bridal shower! We had a BLAST! So many wonderful girls showed up to my apartment. Add some awesome food to that and it was definitely a par-tay! Here were some of the happenings:

Food: sweet potato fries, mini feta sun-dried turkey burgers, strawberry salad, and chocolate covered cheesecake bites

Purse Scavenger Hunt:

The If-You-Don't-Get-Questions-About-Your-Spouse-Right-We-Shove-Marshmallows- In-Your-Mouth-Game:

The Banana Passing Game:

The banana couldn't stand the heat:


Beautiful Ladies:

It was a great party, and I'm so excited for my best friend to get married! She has found an awesome guy who is fun to be around and treats her right. I love her so much and i wish her the best!

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  1. cam, what a cute post! i love it when you blog.