Monday, July 2, 2012

New Beginnings for the Faulk Family!

New jobs!  New apartment!  New US!

Today Daniel starts work at Williams Gas in Salt Lake City as a Data Technician.  He was really sad to leave Ice Edge, the company he was with before, but thinks that this new job will get him closer to a career in his field (and the larger paycheck doesn't hurt either!).  Unfortunately for me this means no more daily catered lunch for Daniel = daily lunch packing for Camee.  Blah.

My new job will start in August at Jefferson Academy in Kaysville (formerly Oquirrh Mountain Charter School).  I'm super excited to finally get to teach theatre full time in my own classroom!  In Park City I was the long-term sub so it never really felt like my own program and I mostly had to follow the normal teacher's way of doing things.  At American Preparatory Academy I was the assistant theatre teacher and most definitely wasn't able to do anything the way I would do it if I were the lead teacher.  While these experiences were amazing for me, I am SO ready to just be THE theatre teacher at a school.  I can't wait to meet my students and get started!  I will be teaching Drama I, Stagecraft/Set Design, 2 Video Production classes, and 2 Musical Theatre classes.  YAY!

Because we're both working farther north, staying in Midvale is just not an option.  We decided we wanted to move to Salt Lake, closer to my sisters and closer to both our jobs.  We've been looking to buy a house there, but every time we offered on one we got beat.  After we offered $15,000 over asking price on our dream house and STILL got beat, we kind of gave up...for now.  So, the apartment search began.  It wasn't easy.  Every nice complex we looked at was INCOME RESTRICTED!  As in, if a couple makes more than $35,000 together they cannot live there.  I was a bit furious about it.  I mean seriously, people making less than $15,000 are getting to live in card-access buildings with swimming pools and exercise rooms and we are looking in these nasty dumps for over $700 a month.  Something seemed off.

Well, I couldn't fix Salt Lake housing, but we did finally find a great apartment for us!  It's a condo that we're renting--2 bedroom, hardwood floors, AND, most importantly, it has a dishwasher AND a washer/dryer!  Daniel and I agreed that after living without those two items for over a year and a half, that these were no-compromise items.  I'm glad we stuck to that because we finally found a place with all our requirements that wasn't $1000 or more a month.  Hopefully we'll secure the place later today!  Here are some pictures:
Living Room

Kitchen...please note the DISHWASHER!

Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Bathroom...gotta get some color in here

My favorite...THE WASHER/DRYER!  Hallelujah!

Hopefully everything pans out today as we solidify our lease and then we'll be moving out next weekend.  Crazy!

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  1. We are not so excited about you moving! But, we are super excited for your new adventure!!