Monday, July 2, 2012

Chia Seeds...wha??

Two weeks ago, I had never heard of chia seeds.  This changed when I read this post on one of my favorite blogs, THE LITTLE RED HOUSE.

It got me curious about these little, nutrition-packed seeds.  So, on my next trip to Whole Foods, I bought about 1/4 cup from the bulk bin.  I know this may seem like a pathetic amount, but these babies go for $15.99 a pound!  YOWZA!  I did see some packaged versions of the seeds that seemed to cost less than that per ounce.  I'll have to do more research.

Lots of people around the blogosphere are experimenting with these seeds and finding different ways to use them.  I was intrigued by THIS recipe for chia seed pudding (and check out the other awesome breakfast ideas on that link!).  I had heard that chia seeds soaked in water turn to gel, so I followed the extremely easy recipe, and BAM!  Chia seed pudding.  Here is how I did it:

Step 1: Mix 1/4 cup chia seeds with 2/3 cup water.  Stir for at least 3-4 minutes, until the mixture becomes thick

Step 2: Place in the fridge for 10 minutes

Step 3: Remove from the fridge.  It should have a thick, pudding consistency

Step 4: Top with your favorite fruits and be ready for an energy-packed breakfast...or snack!

I thought the pudding was really good.  The pudding itself didn't really have a taste, but it made the fruit flavors explode in my mouth!  I would definitely eat this again!

Have you ever tried eating chia seeds?  Thoughts?



  1. Ok, YUM! I need to try that Camee! Thanks for the idea! I also LOVE your new apartment! Have fun decorating, it's beautiful!

  2. If there is a Sunflower Market close, Chia seeds should be cheaper. Like $6.99. I put them in smoothies. No taste, but great nutrition. (spinach, pineapple, banana, berries)

  3. congrats on the new crib! chia seeds are awesome and very high in protein and antioxidants. you can also cook with them. say you make a pasta dish, throw some in. Since they are flavorless, you can really put them in anything, but they do add a crunch! :) i've added them to baked goods, too.