Friday, June 24, 2011

Ups and Downs

Over the past few days, I have been navigating the ups and downs of some major lack of husband loneliness.  Some of the days have been successful.  Some have not.  Here's a peek:

UP:  Going to Lagoon with Keeley.  I was so happy that Keeley was willing to take a day off from being a mom and hang out with me.  We went to Lagoon and had a blast.  It was super hot, but we kept ourselves cool by going on water rides throughout the day.  Our luck at the beginning of the day wasn't so great, but eventually we got into the swing of things and walked on almost every ride!  We did every ride we wanted to several times and just enjoyed girl time.   Observe:

DOWN:  Dinner for 1.  To keep myself busy, I sometimes try to cook myself nice meals.  This one did not work out so well.  I tried to broil salmon.  I love salmon, so I was way excited about this dinner.  The salmon, while it was cooked and tasted fine, it did not LOOK fine.  I'm not sure what happened, and everything literally fell apart when I tried to flip the thing and, well, just look:

Can we say epic fail?  I think we can.  This has to be the ugliest thing I've ever cooked.  I also tried to make a glaze to go on it...mega epic fail.  Overall, this was just awful.  I'm done talking about it.

UP:  Hanging out with my sisters.  Last night (after crying over the salmon) I decided I needed to get out of the house and do something, so I drove down to Provo to have a sleepover with my sisters.  Unfortunately, none of my pictures of this event turned out.  Boo.  We went to our friend Paige's softball game and then hung out back at Kim & Kristy's apartment.  It was a blast just to lounge and, you know, be with people and not by myself.  My sisiters are so dang awesome.  Kristy just got back from Uganda so it was especially great to see her again.   Hopefully I will get to hang out with them again soon!

UP:  Going to breakfast this morning with Andrea et al.  Andrea turned 24 today (on the 24th), so she is having a 24-hour bash!  I participated in event #1: Breakfast at Gurus in Provo.  I had cream cheese stuffed french toasts, which was pretty dang good.  Here we are basking in the glow of fun and friendship:

DOWN:  Lounging around with my three "best" friends: the couch, my laptop and no-egg cookie dough:

I don't know if you can see it...but there is definitely a couch butt-imprint in this picture:


What happens when you spend hours sitting around on your butt by yourself?  You eat.  A lot.  To combat this (and to leave the apartment at least once in the day) I have been going to the gym every day, but I'm going to have to do some SERIOUS work to make up for this evening's cookie dough binge.  Gross.

So, moral of this story is I'm having some ups and downs this week, but who doesn't I guess.  I'm counting down the days until I can see Daniel again, and I'm working on not turning into a bump on a log...but it's hard.  


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Very Short But Romantic Weekend

Daniel came home last weekend, and we had a fun-filled (although short) weekend.  Daniel got home Thursday afternoon, and I had a welcome home sign waiting for him:

We spent the afternoon making out lounging while Daniel finished up his computer work.  Then, I cooked him a freakin awesome dinner!  I don't eat meat, but let me tell you I am AMAZING at cooking it!  Observe:

 Those are some amazing drumsticks!  The sauce was so easy.  Here is the recipe (my notes are in blue):


  • 3 pounds chicken thighs (or whatever kind of chicken you want!)
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1/4 cup corn syrup
  • 1 pinch garlic powder


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. Rinse the chicken pieces and place them, single layer and skin side up, in a 9x13 inch baking dish.  I put the chicken on a rack that was on a baking sheet (see picture above) so that the chicken wouldn't get soggy sitting in its own juices. 
  3. Mix the soy sauce, ketchup, corn syrup and garlic powder in a small bowl. Baste the chicken with the sauce, reserving some sauce for basting during baking. Bake uncovered in the preheated oven, basting approximately every 15 minutes, for 1 hour (or until chicken is done and juices run clear). I cooked them for a full hour...
 Super easy, right?  Daniel really liked them so...success!  Daniel also enjoyed using a gift to him from my mother: a de-corner, as I call it.  He doesn't like eating corn on the cob, so this shreds it off for you.  See:
After dinner, we went Father's Day shopping and watched Salt on Netflix.  We spent all day Friday going to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes.  We've done it before and loved it, so we made a day of it.  We saw 14 of the 20 homes.  My favorite was the Connecticut house, which you can see professional photos of HERE.  I'll probably post my pics of it later, but that should work for now.  Seriously, it was my DREAM HOUSE!  Daniel's favorite was this amazing mountain meets modern home in Lehi.  It was definitely my second favorite:

 It was stunning!  It made us a bit envious of you know, everyone who can afford these homes, but whatever.  We can dream, right?  Friday night, we saw the musical Rent at the Pioneer Theater Company in Salt Lake.  Daniel's parents give us some of their tickets sometimes, which is awesome.  The show, unfortunately, was not.  I love Rent, but this was not a good production.  I was bored and uninspired, and I didn't cry once.  Fail.  Daniel fell asleep and cursed the theater the whole way home.  Poor guy.

Saturday morning (as in, I got up at 5:30am kind of morning) we helped Daniel's brother Joseph and his wife Annie move all of their things out of a storage unit to their moving truck.  They're moving to Washington D.C.  Jealous.  The rest of the day I hung out with them (Daniel took a very random nap), helped them pack, and just chilled.  Then, we had a big brithday dinner for Grandpa Faulk and said goodbye to Joseph and Annie.  

After the birthday dinner, we went to my friend Aurora's wedding reception in Salt Lake.  I know this is getting long, but it was seriously the most packed weekend ever.  Aurora's reception was gorgeous, unique, and awesome.  Here are a few picture of the decor:

On Sunday we went to church and just chilled.  We had dinner at Daniel's parents house then snuggled on our couch while watching Robin Hood Men in Tights--classic!  This is almost done...I promise.  

On Monday, we crossed off one of our Before-We-Leave-Utah-We-Want-To _______ List items.  We went to the Living Planet Aquarium, which is right near our house.  We had a great time looking at all the animals and, of course, just spending time together.

Can you spot a giant anaconda in this picture?

Daniel and a penguin...he LOVED the penguins!

Camee and a penguin!

Just a penguin...

If you're still reading this, I'm amazed.  After we got home from the aquarium, Daniel had to leave to go back to Wyoming.  He's in Cody now.  He'll be back around July 14th for--the HARRY POTTER PREMIERE!  We have tickets for 12:45am with our best buds Emily and Jason.  Can't wait!  I miss Daniel, so I'm trying to find ways to be less bored during the day, and it's not going well.  23 days until he comes home!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daniel Update

I know this blog often seems a bit one-sided.  There's a reason, I promise.  Well, probably a few.  First, I write it, so naturally I'm more biased toward all the things happening in my neck of the woods.  Second, poor Daniel has been doing the same thing every day for quite some time.  Daniel's typical day looks something like this:

7am: Wake up
8am-6pm: Work
6pm-10pm: Work on grad school
10pm-7am: Sleep

Now this has slight variance, but that really is about it.  The worst part is, for the past two months Daniel has been doing all that not in Utah, but here:

That's right, I have been a lone wifey...again.  Some of you may recall that Daniel spent several months in Texas last year working.  He's left me again, but this time for Wyoming.  When his job runs out of work for him to do in Utah, they have to send him somewhere else. 

Obviously, this is not an ideal situation.  Neither of us enjoy it very much...particularly Daniel because he is the one who has to suffer at a job that he dosn't like and that has nothing to do with his major.  Basically, it pays the bills and gives us a second car--both very important things.  For 2 years Daniel has been applying for jobs in his field, but to no avail.  We pray constantly that someday soon Daniel will be offered a job that he actually wants and that is in his field. 

On a more positive note, Daniel does what he can to make his days not so, well, boring.  Luckily, he is outdoors a lot and gets to see a lot of Wyoming wildlife.  He has had run-ins with bears and other animals, and he SPECIFICALLY requested that I post this picture, to prove how close he was to these deer:

You'll have to talk to Daniel to get all of his crazy wildlife stories.  I can't do them justice.  Good news is, Daniel is coming home this weekend to see me and to help his brother move!  YUSS!  I am beyond excited to see him--obviously.  I am so grateful to have a husband who works so hard to provide for his wife who sits on her butt all day applying for jobs.  He does work every day that he doesn't like in a location he doesn't like just so we can stay afloat.  He is truly the hardest worker I know.  Basically...I LOVE HIM!

Please Let Us Win!

Below is a link to win a trip for 2 to Paris.  Hopefully Daniel and I will dominate...

Oh Yea...I Graduated!

On April 22, 2011 Camee Faulk became a college graduate!  I graduated Cum Laude (top 10% of the graduating class) with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts Education.  I have a legit teaching license and an undergraduate degree!  Wahoo!

My whole family came for my graduation, which meant so much to me.  I don't get to see my parents very often, so any time I do it's super special.

I was also lucky because I graduated with my very best theatre friends.  It was SO cool that we all got to walk together!  Here are some highlights:

Daniel and I...He's thinking, "FINALLY!"

Heather Burgess and I reminiscing about our years working in the Harris Fine Arts Center Scheduling Office:

Both sides of the family were there to support me.  LOVE THEM!


I'll miss this place!

High School Musical!

For some weird reason there was no tassel-moving or cap-throwing in our ceremony, so we took it upon ourselves to make that happen:

My besties outside our home, the HFAC:

Doing some last minute image work:


In summary, graduation was a blast.  Thanks to my parents, there was lots of eating (Los Hermanos and California Pizza Kitchen felt our wrath) and lots of huge and loves.  I am so grateful that I have had such a huge group of family and friends to support me over these past four five years.  Now on to the job search...eww.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Random post!  I totally forgot to mention that in February I competed in stage management at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in Los Angeles, California.  I didn't win, but I had a dang good time!  I took a week off of student teaching and went with about 20 other people from BYU and some of our professors.  We took off in some 12-passanger vans and made it to LA by 6pm.  I drove one of the vans all the way from Vegas to LA without stopping once!  I was very proud.  Here are some of the highlighs from the trip:

This was the GORGEOUS view of California Plaza from our hotel room at the Omni Hotel (all paid for by BYU!):

The first morning we went to Disneyland!  It was my first time!  I must say...I'm still loyal to Disney World, but it was still a blast:

Going to Disneyland with these crazy people was a HOOT!

Tower of Terror scared the CRAP out of usual...

These are all of the Production Stage Manager books lined up to be scrutinized!  Mine is the one with the BYU circle on the bottom...

Our hotel was right down the street from the 5-cent diner, which was on the TV show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  They make homemade pop-tarts and seen here!

I loved being at the festival so I could help out with the first show BYU has brought to the festival in 8 years, Stage Door!

KCACTF was fantastic, and although we didn't walk away with many awards (dang politics), we still had a great time, and I felt so lucky to get to spend time with such talented, fun people.  And thanks of course to Daniel...the ever faithful and patient husband who is always there when I get home from my adventures.  He is amazing...and got me my Disneyland ticket for Valentines day! 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Park City Fun With Friends

In April, we got the chance to have a super unexpected, super fun, super mini-vacation!  My best friend Emily (see my post on her wedding HERE) works for KSL, and one of her coworkers let her use his Park City condo for the weekend.  The condo normally runs for $1000 a night in the on season and we got it for a mere $30 a night!  So, we had a fantastic weekend of fun and friends:

This is where we stayed: Black Bear Lodge

These are our awesome friends, Emily and Jason who made this whole weekend happen!

 One of the highlights of the weekend:  AWESOME caramel apples!

There was lots of lounging and movie watching:

The amazing kitchen in the condo:

We definitely made a dent in this game pile:

Daniel and I enjoyed a vacation from our queen bed.  This bed was HUGE!  It had this foam mattress that was 4 inches thick and made you sink way down into it!  SO NICE!

Amazing bathroom!  The condo was 2 bed, 2 bath:

The Faulks braving the cold for a photo op!  

Because we can't really afford vacations of any type right now (darn grad school...), any time we can get away is special, and we had the BEST weekend together.  Shopping, games, movies, food, friends...what more could we want?

Student a teeny weeny nutshell.

OK, so trying to explain/recap my entire student teaching experience in one post is ridiculous.  It's times like this that I get REALLY mad at myself for being such a blogging slacker because now there are hundreds of awesome stories that will never get put to paper (or to web...?) because I won't possibly be able to remember them all.  Luckily, I wrote a weekly reflection as part of my student teaching assignments, but even those are not very detailed.  Oh well, I guess I'll do what I can to give you an idea what my student teaching experience was like...

First of all, let me say that my student teaching experience was INCREDIBLE!  I student taught at Hillcrest High School in Midvale, UT.  Daniel and I moved from Provo to Midvale to make this a bit easier.  We're living in our cute Midvale basement apartment until we get jobs elsewhere.

One of the things that made my student teaching so incredible was this guy:

Mr. Joshua Long was my mentor teacher and the resident drama teacher at Hillcrest.  I was incredibly lucky to get paired with someone who I actually enjoyed being around and truly respected.  I learned SO much from him!

Another thing that set my student teaching experience apart--both the quantity and quality of shows we put up.  We did 2 straight plays, 1 musical, 1 one-act and coached about 40 students for both the region and state drama competitions.  CRAZY! 
The first show: Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman

Complete with Mount Olympus:

A 9-foot waterfall:
And a 16-foot pool (with secret entrances so actors could enter and exit the pool without being seen)...all on stage:

The second show: Time of My Life by Alan Ayckbourn

This was a dinner theater performance where we served a 3-course dinner during the show:

Next was the region and state competitions.  Let's just say we did pretty dang well.

1st place Comedic Monologue:

1st Place Dramatic Monologue:

2nd Place Comedic Monologue:

2nd Place Contemporary Scene:

First Place One-Act (more about that later), and basically all of these....

Here was our whole team after dominating (a.k.a. winning the Sweepstakes):

The one-act we did was called The Laramie Project.  It's a full-length play, but we cut it down to one-act length.  The play is about the murder of Matthew Shepherd in Laramie, Wyoming.  The students were AMAZING.  Two of them won outstanding performance awards at the region competition, and the whole show won Best Drama at state.  We were also invited to perform the show in front of all the principals and many administrators in the Canyons School District, which was an incredibly special experience.  The kids just gave so much and were successful at conveying a difficult but important message:

Here are a few photos from a rehearsal of The Laramie Project:

Next show: The Wedding Singer, the musical:

Basically, I spent a LOT of time after school co-directing all these amazing shows!  The time was worth it though, because I learned a ton, and I don't think I would have gained as much experience if I hadn't committed to all the after-school time.  Of course, I didn't just put on shows...I taught!

I taught Theatre 1 (my hardest class), 2 sections of Theatre 3/4/IB, and towards the end I took over Theatre 2.  I also helped out with Stage Crew and of course with the Productions Company, which is the group of kids that acted in several of the shows I described above.  

Here are some of the Productions Company girls with the poster they had everyone contribute to.  It was titled "101 Things We Love About Mrs. Faulk"

 My Theatre 2 class:

One of my Theatre 3/4/IB classes.  Yea, that was a SMALL class!

Basically, there is SO much I could say about student teaching.  I seriously just want to kick myself for not blogging about it, but maybe I'll share random stories as I think about them once I'm caught up.  For now, I guess this is good!