Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daniel Update

I know this blog often seems a bit one-sided.  There's a reason, I promise.  Well, probably a few.  First, I write it, so naturally I'm more biased toward all the things happening in my neck of the woods.  Second, poor Daniel has been doing the same thing every day for quite some time.  Daniel's typical day looks something like this:

7am: Wake up
8am-6pm: Work
6pm-10pm: Work on grad school
10pm-7am: Sleep

Now this has slight variance, but that really is about it.  The worst part is, for the past two months Daniel has been doing all that not in Utah, but here:

That's right, I have been a lone wifey...again.  Some of you may recall that Daniel spent several months in Texas last year working.  He's left me again, but this time for Wyoming.  When his job runs out of work for him to do in Utah, they have to send him somewhere else. 

Obviously, this is not an ideal situation.  Neither of us enjoy it very much...particularly Daniel because he is the one who has to suffer at a job that he dosn't like and that has nothing to do with his major.  Basically, it pays the bills and gives us a second car--both very important things.  For 2 years Daniel has been applying for jobs in his field, but to no avail.  We pray constantly that someday soon Daniel will be offered a job that he actually wants and that is in his field. 

On a more positive note, Daniel does what he can to make his days not so, well, boring.  Luckily, he is outdoors a lot and gets to see a lot of Wyoming wildlife.  He has had run-ins with bears and other animals, and he SPECIFICALLY requested that I post this picture, to prove how close he was to these deer:

You'll have to talk to Daniel to get all of his crazy wildlife stories.  I can't do them justice.  Good news is, Daniel is coming home this weekend to see me and to help his brother move!  YUSS!  I am beyond excited to see him--obviously.  I am so grateful to have a husband who works so hard to provide for his wife who sits on her butt all day applying for jobs.  He does work every day that he doesn't like in a location he doesn't like just so we can stay afloat.  He is truly the hardest worker I know.  Basically...I LOVE HIM!

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