Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daniel Turned 27! And a Pinterest Challenge...

My babe turned 27!  That's almost 30! FREAK!

It's really weird because I'm only 23 so I feel like I'm practically 20 and now Daniel's practically 30.  That means we're 10 years apart instead of only 4.  Weird.

For Daniel's birthday I made him a huge birthday breakfast that included pancakes, hash browns, and bacon.  He of course ruined it by getting up way before I was done. 

When he got home at night, I had a party waiting!  A Pinterest Challenge party!  My inspiration came from this image on Pinterest:


So, I got 27 balloons and attached pictures of Daniel growing up on them.  On the back of each picture I wrote a little-known fact about Daniel so guests could peruse around and read them.  I think it turned out pretty great!  Here are some pics:

Birthday Boy!

This was his cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Golf themed!

Golf details!

I also made Daniel a big birthday dinner!  Here's what I made:

salad, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls...

and of course Daniel's favorite, roasted pork tenderloin with raspberry chipotle sauce!

Better close up:

Unfortunately I forgot to add the fresh raspberries to it this time, but oh well.  According to Daniel, it still turned out great!

Let me just say that Daniel is an amazing man.  He is incredibly kind and hard working.  I love making him happy whether it's with food, birthday surprises, or really any kind of act of service.  He is just so dang handsome and I love when his birthday comes around because I get to celebrate him!  YAY FOR DANIEL! 

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  1. The balloon idea is adorable!!! And your food looks delicious. Someday I want to be a cook like you :)