Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring Happennings...

Still trying to catch up on ye olde blog.  So, here are a few of the fun things that went on during Spring 2012 in the Faulk Family (mostly with me since Daniel pretty much does the same thing every day)...

I have been teaching at American Preparatory Academy and I participated in the staff vs. students basketball game.  It wasn't pretty...for the students.  Here I am stretching like the champ I am:

I tried to get my hair dyed red.  Unfortunately it didn't go as red as I wanted, and what red I did get mostly washed out within a few days.  Why does red have to be so hard to achieve?!  

The web series I was in, called The Book of Jer3miah, came out on DVD at Deseret Book.  Of course I bought it.  It was cool to see my picture on a DVD cover (well, on the back of it).  

My BFF Emily and I made sure to get rockin seats to the screening of Titanic in 3D.  The best part was the guy who sold us the tickets: "This movie gets out at around 11pm (it was about 7:15 at the time), are you OK with that?"
The other best part was when Emily went to the bathroom before the movie started and I forgot that she was gone.  I pulled out a full box of tissues and announced, "Don't worry!  I brought the tissues!"  I looked around, realizing that she was gone, and found the girl two seats down from me looking at me and laughing.  She said, "Cool, I might need those!"

I helped coach Hillcrest High School's Region and State Drama Competition team.  We took 1st place at both region and state!  This is me with the 4A State Championship trophy!  YAY!

Daniel and I got to spend an afternoon with my twin sisters at Liberty Park.  Little did we know that Earth Jam 2012 was going on.  Hippies EVERYWHERE, but it was fun!

I'll make separate blog posts about our Anniversary and Daniel's birthday...coming up!

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