Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kim and Kristy Graduated!

Believe it or not, 3 out of 4 of the Anderson sisters are graduated from college.  Holy cow.  Haley will be starting Utah State this fall, so she's not too far behind!

The best part of Kim and Kristy graduating was of course mom, dad, and Haley coming out to Utah from Dubai! ;)

There was bowling...ANTM style thanks to the blower...

Crazy bowling by Kristy and "Mother Faulker"

And there was some graduating and picture taking:


And there was eating.  A LOT of eating...

And game playing (gone are the days now where Kim let us play games for free in the BYU bowling alley)...

 I can't believe my little sisters are all grown up!  They're only a year and four days younger than me (although two grades younger) but they've always seemed so dang little.  Well, they're all grown up.  Kim is in Dubai right now with my parents and Kristy is living in SLC doing an awesome internship at the hospital.  Not only are they grown up, but...I hate to say it...they're pretty dang cool.  Now don't quote me on that! :)

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