Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kim and Kristy Graduated!

Believe it or not, 3 out of 4 of the Anderson sisters are graduated from college.  Holy cow.  Haley will be starting Utah State this fall, so she's not too far behind!

The best part of Kim and Kristy graduating was of course mom, dad, and Haley coming out to Utah from Dubai! ;)

There was bowling...ANTM style thanks to the blower...

Crazy bowling by Kristy and "Mother Faulker"

And there was some graduating and picture taking:


And there was eating.  A LOT of eating...

And game playing (gone are the days now where Kim let us play games for free in the BYU bowling alley)...

 I can't believe my little sisters are all grown up!  They're only a year and four days younger than me (although two grades younger) but they've always seemed so dang little.  Well, they're all grown up.  Kim is in Dubai right now with my parents and Kristy is living in SLC doing an awesome internship at the hospital.  Not only are they grown up, but...I hate to say it...they're pretty dang cool.  Now don't quote me on that! :)

Daniel Turned 27! And a Pinterest Challenge...

My babe turned 27!  That's almost 30! FREAK!

It's really weird because I'm only 23 so I feel like I'm practically 20 and now Daniel's practically 30.  That means we're 10 years apart instead of only 4.  Weird.

For Daniel's birthday I made him a huge birthday breakfast that included pancakes, hash browns, and bacon.  He of course ruined it by getting up way before I was done. 

When he got home at night, I had a party waiting!  A Pinterest Challenge party!  My inspiration came from this image on Pinterest:


So, I got 27 balloons and attached pictures of Daniel growing up on them.  On the back of each picture I wrote a little-known fact about Daniel so guests could peruse around and read them.  I think it turned out pretty great!  Here are some pics:

Birthday Boy!

This was his cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Golf themed!

Golf details!

I also made Daniel a big birthday dinner!  Here's what I made:

salad, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls...

and of course Daniel's favorite, roasted pork tenderloin with raspberry chipotle sauce!

Better close up:

Unfortunately I forgot to add the fresh raspberries to it this time, but oh well.  According to Daniel, it still turned out great!

Let me just say that Daniel is an amazing man.  He is incredibly kind and hard working.  I love making him happy whether it's with food, birthday surprises, or really any kind of act of service.  He is just so dang handsome and I love when his birthday comes around because I get to celebrate him!  YAY FOR DANIEL! 

3 Years Together

That's right!  On April 25, 2012 Daniel and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  Time flies!

This about sums up our anniversary: roses, diet coke, and pizza.  We WERE going to go to the Tuscany, but it never happened.

My card for Daniel...he didn't know than a new itouch was sitting in that blue bag!

Best part of our anniversary?  Daniel left me a 12 pack of Diet Coke in the fridge AND my parents were visiting from Dubai and left us each a piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake!  HELLO!  Thank goodness because look how otherwise empty the fridge is....


This is not a flattering picture of Daniel, but what matters is that it IS a flattering picture of his new itouch.

Banana cream and cookie dough cheesecake...YUMM

Up close and personal with the cookie dough...

While we didn't exactly DO anything exciting for our anniversary, we DID enjoy spending some time together eating yummy pizza and cheesecake!  And Diet Coke of course.  Daniel got me voice lessons which I still have to work out, so I'm super excited for that.  Hopefully we'll get to go to the Tuscany another time!

Here are some photos of us that I love in honor of our anniversary:

I LOVE YOU DANIEL FAULK!  3 Years Down, Eternity To Go!

Spring Happennings...

Still trying to catch up on ye olde blog.  So, here are a few of the fun things that went on during Spring 2012 in the Faulk Family (mostly with me since Daniel pretty much does the same thing every day)...

I have been teaching at American Preparatory Academy and I participated in the staff vs. students basketball game.  It wasn't pretty...for the students.  Here I am stretching like the champ I am:

I tried to get my hair dyed red.  Unfortunately it didn't go as red as I wanted, and what red I did get mostly washed out within a few days.  Why does red have to be so hard to achieve?!  

The web series I was in, called The Book of Jer3miah, came out on DVD at Deseret Book.  Of course I bought it.  It was cool to see my picture on a DVD cover (well, on the back of it).  

My BFF Emily and I made sure to get rockin seats to the screening of Titanic in 3D.  The best part was the guy who sold us the tickets: "This movie gets out at around 11pm (it was about 7:15 at the time), are you OK with that?"
The other best part was when Emily went to the bathroom before the movie started and I forgot that she was gone.  I pulled out a full box of tissues and announced, "Don't worry!  I brought the tissues!"  I looked around, realizing that she was gone, and found the girl two seats down from me looking at me and laughing.  She said, "Cool, I might need those!"

I helped coach Hillcrest High School's Region and State Drama Competition team.  We took 1st place at both region and state!  This is me with the 4A State Championship trophy!  YAY!

Daniel and I got to spend an afternoon with my twin sisters at Liberty Park.  Little did we know that Earth Jam 2012 was going on.  Hippies EVERYWHERE, but it was fun!

I'll make separate blog posts about our Anniversary and Daniel's birthday...coming up!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So I Was in a Show...

When I got back from Dubai, I was B-O-R-E-D.  I was looking for work (since my time at Ecker Hill Middle School ended when the normal teacher came back from sick leave) and nothing was coming up.  I was a stay at home wife.

Not cool.

So, I decided to audition for a musical--Lucky Stiff.  It was my first audition in the Salt Lake Valley.  I doubted I would get in the first show I auditioned for since I knew no one in this part of Utah and I assumed it was probably even more competitive than in Provo.

Regardless, I went for it...and got the lead female role!  I was shocked, not only that I had got cast as a lead but also that I got cast as the ingenue!  I tried to think back to all the parts I had previously played and I could not think of one role that would be considered an ingenue role.  I'm always the villain or the quirky weird character, which has always been fine because those are great roles to play.  For example:

My senior year in high school I played Velma Kelly in Chicago.  She's definitely not what I would call an ingenue since she killed someone...

I also played a creepy ensemble member in Sweeney Todd.  Enough said...

At BYU I played Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors--clearly not an ingenue.

Here I am playing Toinette, the crazy maid in The Imaginary Invalid.  In this photo I am juxtaposed to the ingenue of all ingenues, my good friend Christie Clark.  She is known by some as "BYU's ingenue."  She is just too fabulous at playing ingenues to be anything else, and we love her for it!

Also at BYU, I played Logainne in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  While I wouldn't exactly call her a villain, she was definitely a quirky character!

And, as a final example, I played Mrs. Strakosh, the dirty joke-cracking old lady in Funny Girl.  I have also juxtaposed myself to Christie Clark here for reference.  

As you can see, I'm not kidding!  This is why I was so excited to get to play Annabel in Lucky Stiff.  I knew it would be a great challenge for me as an actor.  Of course, I put my own quirky spin on her.  Since the characters you create as an actor are supposed to reflect the real you I naturally could not help this.

Here is a photo from Lucky Stiff, produced by the Murray Arts Council.  I'll put more up when I get home tonight:

Don't be shocked.  It was a long granny slip.

Now you can be shocked!  It's OK, it was Daniel approved.

Some awesome people came and saw me in the show!

I seriously had the best experience doing this show, despite Daniel struggling with me being gone every evening.  I got to meet a ton of awesome people, improve my musical theatre skills, and just have an amazing time.  The cherry on top was this review from Utah Theatre Bloggers:

In case you don't want to read all of that, here is the paragraph about me!

"Playing across him as the romantic interest was Camee Anderson Faulk, the frigid representative of the charity for dogs, sent to follow Harry around and watch his every move. Faulk’s talent rose above most of the cast, being as she was the strongest singer. This was especially clear in her solo number, “Times Like This,” where she belted out a note that had the audience clapping before the song was even finished. She played her role of the uptight Miss Glick extremely well, with sharp comedic timing and a Shelley Duvall-like presence. I was especially tickled by the scenes where Miss Glick must follow Harry and Anthony’s corpse around to their varied activities, including a skydiving trip, fishing, (which featured Faulk “floating” around in an inner-tube, a delightful sight gag), and gambling."

Awesome, right?  Here is a link to another REVIEW.  

I can't wait to do another show, since being IN a show is so different from my everyday job of teaching theatre, directing, stage managing, designing, choreographing, etc.  It's so nice to just get to act and leave all of that stuff up to someone ELSE!  It will be a while though before I audition for something else--Daniel needs some recuperation time!