Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He made me so proud!

Ok, so Daniel is a wonderful husband. Here is one of the reasons why. Harry Potter Scene It has been sitting on our bookshelf looking very lonely, because I have no one to play it with. Daniel decided that I needed a Scene It partner, so he and I watched all 5 Harry Potter movies together (thank you Netflix!). Finally, all our work paid off. The other day we pulled that lonely game off our shelf and PLAYED! It was seriously fun. Of course, I kind of slaughtered him, BUT he did get several points right. Well, it's true that several of these were the tie-breaker questions such as "Whoever has the largest shoe gets to move one space" and "Whichever player has the greatest number of letters in their first name gets to move one space," BUT he got quite a few legit questions right about the delightful series of Harry Potter. I'm grateful for a husband who makes sacrifices so he can take part in ALL aspects of my life! Not that watching Harry Potter is a sacrifice...

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