Thursday, June 4, 2009

We like free...

So last night, Daniel and I had just finished the 4th Harry Potter movie (I'm making him watch them all before the 6th one comes out....and so I can have a Harry Potter SceneIt partner.), when I remembered that it was SONIC FREE ROOT BEER FLOAT NIGHT! Now, at this point it was after ten o'clock, and as the old, married couple we are, normally we'd be be-lining it to bed, BUT tonight we decided to be ADVENTUROUS and drive the whole 3 minutes to Sonic and get a free float. We pulled into the crowded drive-through (is that how that's spelled?) and there were actually waitresses with trays of the floats handing them out to cars so we didn't have to block up their parking lot, I guess. It was a small, mostly root beer float, but what really mattered was what it represented--ADVENTURE! We parked, spent two minutes eating out floats, drove back home, and we were in bed by ten thirty. Success!

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