Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial Day!

We're playing a little bit of catch-up here, but Memorial Day was too--err--interesting to forget! Daniel and his parents decided it would be fun to go fishing up at Strawberry resevoir, and it was such a beautiful day to go! Well, until we actually got up there. It was very cloudy and cold and windy once we got that far up into the mountains. Still, we kept on truckin and started to fish! I mostly snuggled under a blanket and tried to read Harry Potter while sticking my pole out the side of the boat. Part of me wanted to catch a fish to prove to Daniel I'm not a useless girly girl, but a larger part of me didn't want to...poor fishy! Anyway, my prayers were answered because Daniel was the only one to catch a fish. I felt really bad for it. I mean, just imagine! He thought today would be just another day swimmin around the resevoir with his buddies...but he was WRONG! He ended up thrashing around for air on a boat. Sad story. Anyway, once the icy rain and hail began, we decided to go back to shore. While the weather wasn't perfect, it was still a nice day with the Faulk family!

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