Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Father's Day was so nice! We went to church (all the dads and future dads got candy!) and then Daniel's dad came over for dinner! I made butter/garlic chicken, squash, mashed potatoes, Italian salad, and a big, fat brownie cake! It all turned out great, by some miracle. We had to sit and eat on our couch since we only have a two-person bar-table, but that was fine...nothing makes dinner taste even better than an episode of House! Then, we opened gifts. We got Daniel's dad a book of artwork and text by his favorite author, James Christensen. Daniel's mom is on a mission for the church in Central America, so we have been holding onto LaVaun's gift for her. It was a new receiver for his speakers. Nice! Also, I gave Daniel a recordable "future dad" card and a male pampering kit. It was so fun to see them both so happy! Delicious brownie cake followed. Because it is/was Father's Day, I'd like to say a few of the things I like best about my two dads. First, LaVaun. I honestly couldn't have PICKED a better father-in-law! He is so kind, gentle, and hilarious! I am so grateful that he has taught Daniel how to be a hard worker. He has made me feel so comfortable in their home from the first time I set foot in their house. I know that the students he teaches will be very blessed just by their interaction with him!
And my dad, Paul. What can I say? Every good quality I have was taught by him. Patience, persistance, and of course, putting the first things first. You can't find a more loving father anywhere, or at least one who is more willing to express it to his daughters. He has helped me see what love really looks like, and has supported me in everything I've done, whether it turned out for the best or not. I can only dream to aspire to the kind of parent he is.
Anyway....THANKS DADS!!!

I love this picture with Daniel's dad twirling his mom!

...And my favorite picture of my goofy, hilarious dad!!

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  1. cam! stop it! you have a blog, and i didn't even know it. I am thrilled to have another blog to read in the mornings whilst i do...absolutely nothing!

    i miss you girly!! i hope married life is treatin you good :)