Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Last night, Daniel, Kim and I went and saw 17 Again at the dollar theater. HILARIOUS! I seriously loved it...much better than High School Musical! Zac Efron was so funny, and the entire movie was just classic. Kim and I were giggling like little school girls, and I caught Daniel LAUGHING...several times! So, if mister I-think-Zac-Efron-is-a-weiner was laughing consistantly, you KNOW it was pretty funny! Anyway, I had to proclaim my love for this hilarious movie. I must also mention that this was a date between Kim and I. Daniel was pointed out as the third wheel early on in the evening. I had to take Kim on a date because I took Kristy on a date last week to go bowling. Anyway, here are some of my favorite quotes from the movie. Feel free to add your own!

Ned: "I think our hands just made a baby." (Daniel's favorite)

Principal: You can plunder my dungeon anytime.
Ned: I'll bring my longbow.

Young Mike: If this were Afganistan, you would be pulled backwards through the streets by mountain goats with your hands cut off... just saying.

Ned: Okay, that's not safe or sanitary. That's your can now. We'll label it like that.

Young Mike: What are you wearing? You're supposed to show up like a dad, you look like Clay Aiken!
Ned: Leave him out of this.

Alex: [introducing young mike to his mother for the first time] Hey mom this is Mark, Uncle Ned's bastard.
Scarlett: Wow...
Alex: I know someone had a kid with Uncle Ned


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