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Our Honeymoon!

So, the day after we got married, we left for LA to get on our 7-night cruise of the Mexican Riviera! We were both very excited for warm beaches in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan. However, our luck ran out pretty quickly! We DID make it to Cabo for one day, but then our boat got turned around because of the swine flu. We headed back up the coast to visit San Fransisco for a day, and then back to LA. It was pretty sad. So, our warm cruise actually consisted of ONE warm day, with 6 very cold, rainy, windy days. Despite what the brochure says, being stuck literally inside a cruise ship for 5 days is NOT fun. BUT, we made the most of it, and spent the time dreaming up our future honeymoon re-do! These are some of the pictures we took!

In this picture, we clearly had no clue what was in store!

Eating was a large part of our cruise...

If it weren't for the all-you-can-eat ice cream bar, we might have died.
We played in an adult dodgeball tournament and DOMINATED!

The towel animals were always fun! And somehow he always found my sunglasses to put on them!

These are the grand adventures of our one day in Cabo!

We're taking a glass-bottom boat ride to the rock arches Cabo is famous for...

Daniel was enjoying the boat ride!

The arches were beautiful...

My favorite part...we saw seals!!!

Little did we know these would be the last hours of sunshine we'd see for the rest of the cruise!

This was Daniel's favorite spot while we waited for our little boat to come pick us up...

Dinner was always fun, and look! They had chairs our size...

Daniel was the master of the ship's rock wall.

...and I made it up too!
Watermelon art!

I captured a picture of the ultimate cruiser. (Hint: it's not Daniel...)

Because we were stuck inside, we played a lot of board games...

A bat!

We seriously couldn't take a single good formal night picture! This is as good as we got.
Now begins our San Francisco adventure! We hiked up this hill. Seriously.

Here is Daniel...literally hiking in my opinion!
We hiked so that we could go see Lumbar St! The curviest street in the world...

You can see that my face describes how I felt at this moment!

We went on a tour of Muir forest to see the redwoods...this is a big tree.

We fit inside this tree!
And that, in a few pictures and a few words, was our honeymoon!


  1. If it makes you all feel better, we went on that cruise a couple years ago, and Cabo was the BEST port, so at least you got to see the best of the three!


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