Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wei and Keeley's Wedding!

Last Saturday, June 6, we were able to attend Daniel's best friend Wei and his new wife Keeley's wedding! Daniel and Wei have been friends for a long time, and it was wonderful to see them both so happy! Keeley looked beautiful in her dress, and despite some weather mishaps, everything turned out great. Their ceremony was at Kiwanis park in Pleasant Grove, and their reception was at an LDS church down the street. All the colors were so bright and happy, and everything had a touch of Keeley and Wei's fun personalities. I think my favorite part was the skittles on the tables at the reception! Let's just say that our table was quickly wiped out of them...Daniel and I also had fun decorating TWO of Wei's several cars. We weren't sure which one he was going to drive away in, so we figured we should cover all our bases. The coolest thing was that Wei's dad and stepmom came all the way from China for the wedding! Wei and Keeley are planning on going to China at the end of the summer for a Chinese celebration and open house, so to speak. I think they're using that as their actual honeymoon, which is awesome! Anyway, Daniel and I are so happy for them, and we wish them a marriage as happy as ours!

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